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The Story of Klasse Candles

     I started making candles when I was nine years old. This is the story of how it began, grew, and turned into a business.

      In 2004, my two brothers Corbyn and Carsyn, built a violin. I was offered the chance to join them, but at the time I didn’t really have an interest in it. So, on the nights when they went to build their violin, Mom and I made candles. We researched the project and collected supplies. We had already decided beeswax would be a healthier option than paraffin wax.

     While shopping one day, Mom discovered three maple syrup jars shaped like violins, a small one, a medium one, and a big one. She bought them thinking we could make molds with them using latex rubber. A few small violin candles turned out well. Unfortunately, the larger violin molds didn’t work so well. The latex rubber was too flexible; it couldn’t hold the pressure of the wax.

     After this disappointment, the project went on hold for a few years. During this time, we collected vases and things, anything that “might make a good candle”. We also looked for a better material to make the molds out of. In spring of 2010, we made our first silicone rubber molds.  I had already tried pouring some candles in hard plastic molds, but decided that I didn't want that. I was also using the wrong wicking. The silicone rubber molds turned out well, so I started experimenting with the wax: fixing mistakes, learning new techniques, and troubleshooting.

     After I had a few different designs perfected I started bringing them to the Brandon farmers market where we were attending . Here the sales slowly picked up as new designs were added. Now I am happy to say we have over 20 different, one-of-a-kind designs. Including all three violin candles which were finished in 2011. We are slowly continuing to expand the product line to include more designs.

     Currently there are two stores (Portage and Winkler) that sell our candles. I also attend local craft sales and festivals occasinaly.

Brayden Klassen
 @ Klasse Candles

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"We've been so pleased with the taper candles we've purchased from Klasse Candles. They burn well and look elegant in any room. We like to keep an extra pair available as a last minute hostess gift.  Every time we give these, they are well received with many compliments. Thank you for such a great product!"

Hexegon Tapers ~
B.D. - Brandon

“We love to burn the “Deer” candle. The flame is so perfectly shaped and burns without flickering. It is pleasant to watch.”

Deer Pillar ~
M.K. - Morden

"I was impressed by how well the candle burned and it didn't drip at all."

Violin Candle ~           O.W. - Saskatoon

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