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Why Burn Beeswax

~ A candle only "blooms" (develops a white coating) if it is 100%
~ Beeswax naturally gives off a sweet honey aroma as it is
~ Beeswax does not produce toxic chemicals such as, lead searic
     acid, acrolyn, benzene, ect. as do other waxes.
~ Beeswax produces negative ions which cleans the air by

     neutralizing pollutants such as dust, mold, smoke, pollen  and
     other odors.
~ Beeswax burns 2-3 times hotter than other waxes making it
     the best for Emergency Candles.
Beeswax candles are proven to improve, sleep, allergies, hay

     fever, and can even lessen asthma attacks.

How do you safely burn beeswax?

~ Keep out of reach of children
Never burn candles unattended or near items that can catch
Make sure you "turn out the lights" on your candles before
     going to sleep.

What are the best ways to burn beeswax?

~ Do not burn candles in a draft.
Always trim wick to 1/4 - 1/2 inch before lighting.
To extinguish a candle, dunk the wick in the pool of melted
    wax and re-straighten.
As your candle burns gently push in the sides, this will
    extend the burn time. You can slowly add leftover
    scraps from other beeswax candles in the same way.
~ Small diameter pillars should only be burned until the
    melted wax reaches the outside edge, if burned longer they
    may drip and possibly damage furniture surfaces.

To scent your candles, simply add 1-4 (depending on the size)
    drops of essential oil to the pool of melted  beeswax.

~ Troubleshooting ~

~ Why are my candles smoking?

      If your candles are smoking, it is either because it is in a draft or the wick is too long. Try moving it or trimming the wick. (The wick should always be about 1/4 - 1/2".)

~ Why are my candles sometimes hard to light?

    Probably because there is not enough melted wax getting up the wick. You may have to hold the lighter to the wick longer. A better way though, is to extinguish the candle by drowning it in the pool of melted wax and up righting it again. This will make it easier to re-light. It will also keep the black marks from appearing on your fingers (and everywhere else) if you touch it.

~ How can I get the extra wax out of the glass
    container I put the candle in?

    You can try running hot water over the outside of the contianer. Hopefully this will melt the wax enough to loosen it.

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"We've been so pleased with the taper candles we've purchased from Klasse Candles. They burn well and look elegant in any room. We like to keep an extra pair available as a last minute hostess gift.  Every time we give these, they are well received with many compliments. Thank you for such a great product!"

Hexegon Taper ~
B.D. - Brandon

“We love to burn the “Deer” candle. The flame is so perfectly shaped and burns without flickering. It is pleasant to watch.”

Deer Pillar ~
M.K. - Morden

"I was impressed by how well the candle burned and it didn't drip at all."

Violin Candle ~
O.W. - Saskatoon

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